Dubious release, not sure how to fix

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I came across these two releases:

Festliche Orgelklänge (Side A)

Festliche Orgelklänge (Side B)

That seems strange, perhaps side A and B from a # vinyl release?
Would this be considered something to be fixed, based on the information we have? And how do you fix it? Just copying the tracks from one release to the other?

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Yes, looking at the edit history


this is a 12˝ vinyl.

Yes, but also make sure they use the same recordings, change the track-numbers to contain the side (A1, A2, …) Information and then delete the other entry.


The better approach is to merge the releases. I entered an edit at https://musicbrainz.org/edit/58567908

Edit: Sorry, did not realize this were actually two sides and not two discs. The merge would leave separate mediums and cannot merge the tracklists. Not sure, I cancelled the merge for now. Maybe it would be a good idea to merge anyway and correct the tracklists afterwards to preserve the MBID, but maybe it doesn’t matter too much.