Dubious "official" Skrillex release

Some time ago I came across this release while editing the artist page for Skrillex.
As I mentioned in the edit notes, I’m not sure if this release should exist in MB and I would like some other editors to chime in.
From the few pieces of evidence I saw, to me it looks like someone used Skrillex’s name without consent, and distributed this release to Spotify and Amazon. It’s been taken down on both sites by now though.
The featured artist NRG had previously done other unofficial remixes for Skrillex (uploaded to Youtube), none of them with more than 500 views, so I doubt they would go on to release an official collaboration out of nowhere with one of the biggest names in electronic music.

I guess my question really is: what should be done about it? set its status to Bootleg? or outright remove it? we could also remove Skrillex’s name from it, keep it as a single by NRG, though this last option doesn’t make much sense to me.
Is there a guideline that tackles this? I’ve seen things like this before, particularly on Spotify, where smaller artists unofficially “feature” a bigger artist to appear in their page and get more views/listeners.


If I understand correctly, this bloke slapped Skrillex’ name on his own material. If so, then yes, the release should be credited to NRG, not Skrillex. There are several ways to solve this. I think I would set “Skrillex & NRG” as an alias for NRG (other editors may have more elegant solutions). Most important is that you add an annotation explaining the situation.


Sorry for taking so long to go through with these edits :smile:
I’ve entered edits to remove the Skrillex credit, added an annotation to the release, and did some minor ETI style fixes.

Thank you @biocv!