Downvote suggestion for genres

I have inadvertently pressed the minus instead of plus in genres a couple times including one today.
I’d like to suggest a prompt to make sure that the minus was supposed to be selected.

I wouldn’t like having to click more than once for tasks like this, personally.

Did you know you can see your downvotes, if you want to undo something/can’t remember what you clicked? When logged into MB > My Data > My tags > Show downvotes

Editor “albiekOH330” - Tags - MusicBrainz

You can also go to the tags tab on the entity, and click ‘Show all tags.’:

Recording “SUGAR” by BROCKHAMPTON - Tags - MusicBrainz


I’m more worried clicking a downvote accidentally to a genre that that doesn’t deserve this as what happened yesterday.

Since the genre that had 2 votes disappeared when the minus was accidentally selected I couldn’t reverse it.

If you go on an entities “Tags” tab, e.g. Paradise Lost - Tags - MusicBrainz , and click on “show all tags” you’ll also see the ones you down voted and those with scores zero or less.