Download-Release: Original site (ASIN) doesn't exists any more

How to deal with downloaded music, where the original site doesn’t exists any more?

I have a download of Amy Macdonald’s album “A Curious Thing” from Amazon, from 2013.
It’s a 12 track version, like the original CD, but without the hidden track.
The ASIN of my purchase, B0038XB2R6, doesn’t exists any more. New downloads are e.g. for a 13 track edition.
If I’d like to add a proper release, there are some data missing to me (label, release events).
In this example it might be the same like the original physical release - but I don’t know.
For releases before downloads have been possible, this might be a bigger problem (e.g. a release of the 1980’s).

There is a 12-track-download release of this album, with release date in 2012 for Switzerland.
BTW: On I don’t find this download release. I’m not sure if the date is correct.

Since I have my release from (for Austria) this download release might not be sufficient.
Should it be changed to other countries and other dates?

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You could try finding an archived snapshot on e.g.Wayback Machine. And if you verified the URL is/was correct I’d mark the relationship as ended.

See also #link_rot


Without going into details: Add the release with all the information you know, with annotations and disambiguations to make it clear where the information and release was originally from. Don’t worry about what you don’t know as long as you’ve done your best to find it :slight_smile:


I attempted to reverse engineer your brilliant Google-fu:

Google returned nadah-zero on B0038XB2R6
Dogpile gave me
But Amazon says “No exist”
And Wayback has only (chaban’s?) Snapshots from today for that URL.
Removing suffix gave no joy on Wayback.

Taking Amazon’s site and album-artist string from dogpile result and then recreating product page URL by adding /dp/ASIN
But nothing on Wayback using that URL.

Please explain where you got your archived URL


Glad you asked. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried some of the usual patterns without the SEO-friendly parts:*/*/

Then Amazon redirected the Wayback Machine bot to the URL with SEO keywords.

Strange, I could find something:*/

That must have been the userscript I’m using.

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Just for information:
I have the URL (….de/gp/product/B0038XB2R6) from my order at Amazon․de (2013-04).
It’s from “Mein Konto” / “Meine Bestellungen” / year / order [Bestellung Übersicht] (in English translation: Your Account / Your Orders / year / order [Order Details]) of my Amazon account.
The URL is always in the form …/gp/product/ASIN, followed by additional ref=… (and other parameters)

Most of the ASIN-links for my old orders are still working, but some are not working anymore.

P.S.: The nearest snapshot to my order seems to be
(I got it by search of in Wayback [which only had a snapshot of January for 2013] but it redirects to [more snapshots]).

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