Doubt about a Spotify album

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I have this album on Spotify:

that I couldn’t find on MB so I decided to create it with the help of a-tisket.

The facts that it doesn’t have a real title (but OK sometimes the name of the artist as the title exists) and that it shares its cover with this release:

have raised some doubts. Especially knowing that tagging on Spotify is not exempt from errors.

Based on the number of tracks (20), it cannot be either of the already existing releases on MB.

If you have any hint on what this album could be…


PS: First time poster here, I hope I am doing things well :slight_smile:


A Spotify expert will no doubt be along later, but what needs to happen is the Spotify version needs adding to the database. What you have there is a 12" vinyl edition, which is why the track count is different.

Maybe this is an excuse to learn how to add releases yourself? :slight_smile:

And Welcome to MusicBrainz. Warning - this place can become addictive.

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Thank you @IvanDobsky for your answer (and your warning ;)).

To be clear I added the release here:

but I am really unsure, hence the topic.


They look like two totally different releases to me. Now I am looking at the track lists I see we just have a common image and that is all.

This is not the Piano album. It just uses that image.

I think the only thing to change is set the Release Group as a Compilation, other than that I think you have this all correct.

(Sorry for half reading your earlier post… lack of coffee, and being distracted by a phone call is my excuse… :D)


I agree, they are two totally different releases.

Which, to me, raises the question: is it Spotify that issued this compilation? Without a proper title, and no original cover art? Is it something they do?

(while the plot thickens, I edited the Release Group, thanks!)


You could try contacting Spotify. I once contacted them because I noticed their track list on a release didn’t correspond to the recordings and they answered very quickly and corrected the release too if I remember correctly.


I’m an old guy so prefer my music to be physical disks. Don’t do much spotify.

As long as that isn’t a playlist, then you should be okay. What I find interesting is when looking at the Albums listed at Spotify for Don, you see that one appear more than once. Under 2008, 2000 - but those also don’t have 20 tracks.

Discogs don’t have a self title album like that. And neither does Wikipedia ( )

It is an interesting puzzle. May just be something “Before 1962 Recordings” produce just for release on digital formats.

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I agree :slight_smile: I also checked Discogs and Wikipedia before posting here. Anyway I contacted Spotify and I’ll keep you posted.

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Those two albums are actually “Piano”:

Spotify is really poorly curated…

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I did wonder if that was the case. Just didn’t have the time to check.

I agree that shops like Spotify don’t always focus on the product they sell. An artist like this will have less eyes on it checking for errors. To Spotify data accuracy is not important, it is just about the sales. And a big 20 track compilation will sell better with the Artist’s name on it.

(Rant about Spotify data quality deleted from here so we stay On Topic… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

Anyone (ideally with the rights to the recordings…) can put their music on Spotify. Spotify is just a platform. Looks like the label in question is doing budget reissues of old artists for new digital platforms:

Looks like they did hundreds of releases in 2020 so they probably didn’t care much about covers.

Can’t just blame it on the streaming generation though… there are remnants of the budget vinyl wave (esp crappy quality compilations) in second hands stores everywhere!


Thanks @aerozol! I didn’t think to check on the name of the label. It’s a shame they don’t at least put an effort in a new cover.

Now I’m wondering what was so special about 1962…

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Probably a “over 50 years” copyright thing.