Double DVD release where the first DVD has no musical content


Apologies if this has been asked before, but I failed to find a thread in this forum that matches my situation.

I’m not sure how to add this release to MusicBrainz: This is a double DVD release, where the first disc contains a documentary about the band, and the second disc consists of live recordings by the band.

The second DVD is clearly something we could add to the database, but what about the first one? If I omit it entirely, the release won’t show as a double DVD. If I add the first DVD and its video tracks they will just clutter the database (they are non-musical content, so not really interesting). Maybe I should only add the second DVD, mark it as medium #2 and explain the situation in the annotation? Or add the first DVD without any tracks (if that’s even possible)?

Also, what should the release group type be? “Other + Live”?

Advice is welcome. :slight_smile:


Adding the first DVD without tracks is possible, at least - not sure if that’s the best choice (or we would want the documentary to be added) but it’s in any case fine and maybe the safest start. Just remove all tracks from the medium and click the checkbox (and indicate the situation in the annotation).


Thanks for the tip.

I added the release: Release “The Dirty Three” by Dirty Three - MusicBrainz. I had to check the “I don’t know the track listing” checkbox, otherwise it wouldn’t let me create an empty medium.

IMO the release page looks OK with the “empty” first medium collapsed by default. In the release group page it shows “0+9” tracks on the release, which looks a bit strange, but makes sense (kind of). Hopefully the release annotation clarifies it.


I had a similar release, except the first disc is a CD and the second DVD Video. I added the second with one track named the title of the video feature and with the length of the video.

See if this example is instructive:


I’ve also done that exact thing* for a similar case

*adding a single track to the documentary DVD, that is