Double Check Request: Laurie Webb

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Might someone know enough to be more certain that:

Is the legal name entry of Lollievox:

It looks correct, but I already assumed a lot about the Lollievox entry (I added the Tyler Woods feat credit and links to site/YT/FB/SC) and would like a knowledgeable opinion if there is one to be had.

PS: I hope there is not more than one Lollievox, that would mean several of my last edits made a mess of our database :frowning:


If you aren’t sure, it never hurts to just make a new artist. They can always be merged later if they are the same person. It is also possible that some songs can be moved from one artist to another.


ISWC net has
"Aren’t You Clever" ISWC T-072.881.920-2 by Webb, Laurie Ann (IPI Code 00337997013)
“Dance With Me” ISWC T-072.881.921-3 by Webb, Laurie Ann (IPI Code 00337997013) and Unknown (IPI Code 00258374538)
and there are other works from the album registered for this IPI, e.g. “8 x in a Row” (ISWC T-072.881.919-9)
so I’m quite confident, that at least some of the recordings of the 2 musicbrainz artists are by the same person
and would link them with the “performs as/legal name” relationship.

Vocal samples of her are distributed with the software “Fruity Loops”, so there might be some
recordings credited featuring Laurie Webb or Lollievox she doesn’t know about.

There is probably only one Lollievox, but multiple artists with the name Laurie Webb possibly exist:
Discogs has at least two (the one who performs as Lollievox and a musical perfomer, who probably is a different person).