Don't understand edit

What’s this for?

Annotation was blanked

All annotations edits are “adds”. It’s just how it works:


Well, I understood that the annotation was cleared. Reading the ticket (thanks) I understand that it is difficult to see what was there before because the system uses a history and not a diff. The grammar of the summary comment “Place to recordings” confused me further. Now I understand that should have been “Move annotation comments to recording comments”.

The text that was in annotation before read:

"Recording Location: Studio no. 5, KULTURA State TV & Radio Company, Moscow

Hybris SACD + Multichannel"

Why was “Hybrid SACD + Multichannel” deleted though… that was informative?

The format of both mediums on the release is already set to “Hybrid SACD”, it does not need to be repeated in the annotation.


You forgot to mention “multichannel”.

Isn’t SACD always multichannel? It would be a bit of a waste to go mono (although SACD already is a bit of a waste of course).


I guess in practice it most likely is. But AFAIK the audio can as well be mono. Who knows, maybe there is a mono SACD out there :smiley:

No, there are many SACDs which are stereo only. And no, stereo is not multichannel.