Don't receive mails with edits to my subscriptions

Hello everyone.
Since a couple of weeks I stopped receiving the (weekly) mail with the list of all the open/applied edits to my subscribed entities. I already checked the mail didn’t end in the spam or that I changed my settings by mistake, and it’s not like that. I also keep on receiving mails everytime a note is added to my edits, so I can’t really tell what’s the problem here!
I found that tool pretty useful and I’d really like to have it back, so can anyone help me, or is anyone experiencing the same issue?

I think I did receive mine (2023-05-27, 2023-05-20, 2023-04-08).

Were there any edits in that period in your subscribed entities or in your subscribed editors?

Update: I’ve added the dates above. It’s true it seems there are gaps. But I don’t really use them, I regularly go through all edits of my release collection, and some other favourite (bookmarked) searches.


Yeah there were plenty of applied or open edits, and I know it cause I checked them manually not being able to do otherwise… the open ones that I’ve just checked are currently above 250 only for subscribed artists!

The only weird thing I noticed is that I used to receive that mail every Saturday at the same time, then it started to arrive always later, until it stopped arriving completely :cry:

I have daily emails enabled and still receive them at the usual time. Wednesday and Saturday are delayed presumably due to increased load:


Another report on IRC:

Apparently people are not receiving notifications for notes left on their edits either. Although I don’t get many notes on my edits I can’t confirm this, yesterday and today I got emails for two different edits.

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Oh this would be more serious!
I don’t really care with subscription emails, as I rather use my bookmarks.
But if someone tells me stuff, it would be good to know each time. :slight_smile:

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False alarm at least for my report, something was broken on my mail server and the message got stuck.