Donation / patronage relationship (STYLE-327)

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STYLE-327 requests allowing linking artists (and I imagine at least labels would be a reasonable choice too?) to their pages on Patreon, Flattr and the like. This sounds useful to me, but it’s not a service I’ve used in the past so asking for opinions:

  • Is there a reason not to add this?
  • If we add it, to what entities? Artist and label sound like a reasonable start but are there other relevant entities? Places? Festivals (series)? Events?

Not opposed to such links. Wouldn’t even mind them being given extra attention on the page (larger icon, noticeable “support this artist/label/…” heading).

Artists and labels, sure. Events and places, maybe. Series, not so sure (could just have the link on the entry for whatever is the next, upcoming, event).

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One reason not to do this (and esp. to not highlight them in any particular fashion) is that people could add fake/phishing donation/patronage links. There are currently limited to no monetary incentives for falsifying MB data. This relationship would add some.

Note that this doesn’t mean I’m against the relationship, just that it’s something to be wary of.


As the submitter, I can see patronage links being added to artists, labels, events & series. Podcasts too, if we ever get a podcast entity.


Relationships page

Sidebar: ocremix

URL editor:

At this point in time, I wouldn’t object to having patronage URLs be subject to the 7-day moderation like links used to be.

Edit: Normalized Patreon URLs to https.


No objections to adding the links, but I see no real reason to highlight the links.

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Does that mean “do not show them on the sidebar”, or just “do not show them more prominently than other links”?

do not show them more prominently than other links.


PayPal now has such a feature now with, so that too should be added.

The relationship is in now. I’ve added a ticket for adding autoselect to it, which I’ll probably get to eventually if nobody does it before me (please, someone do it before me? :weary:).


I forgot to mention Enty, that should be added too.

I added issue MBS-9052 for later on. For now, it is already possible to add Enty links manually.

Non-stop signup requests stop me browsing Enty to collect URLs for cleanup.

I had to link a site named tpiee.
The difference between Patronage from this topic and Crowdfunding from that other topic is difficult for me it’s a site to collect money by fans in any cases so I cannot determine if tipee is one or the other relationships.
:thinking: Shouldn’t we just merge both those relationships to free them from ambiguity?