Does this Kingdom Hearts soundtrack release exist?

I’ve been doing some research for a bit now and I don’t think this release actually exists. Specifically a release that combines the 2 disc OST with one extra cd with tracks from Final Mix and a few different versions of the Hikari and Simple and Clean.

Looked through the edit history and the original edits didn’t provide a source of any kind, so whoever the editor #1834584 was who added it originally seems to have pulled it out of a hat. The barcode is from the 2 disc European release that has a release page already, but the tracklist is actually the Japanese version with Hikari instead of Simple and Clean.

Seems a bit of a mess.

I’m glad to be proven wrong of course about it existing.
But anyways, if it doesn’t exists, it’s always preferable to merge rather than delete, right? But tbh I’m not sure what I should do with medium 3 in this case.

1 Like (the one you linked to) is a pseudo-release that was later marked as being based on (the European release). If I had to guess, I’d say that the mystery editor created it because they wanted a version with Latin artist names (although that’s the sort of thing that tagging software can handle with aliases). But yeah, agreed that it’s bogus for a pseudo-release to have a different number of media or tracks than the original. I’d probably either delete it or remove the third medium and merge it into the European release.

Looks like yindesu took the initiative and made a removal edit for it.
Which is alright by me, just didn’t want to do it myself just in case it was an actual release I just hadn’t heard of.