Documenting "Label" usage for "Publisher"?

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I was just adding a new small Label for a Release, and I was surprised by the presence of “Publisher” in the Label type pull-down menu. The Label Type documentation does not mention the Publisher type (nor Manufacturer). It looks like the Label entity is now doing double duty, representing companies which publish printed music scores of Works (e.g. Boosey & Hawkes), not just companies and imprints which handle Releases. But the Label entity documentation doesn’t mention this double duty.

Is there documentation somewhere for the Work publisher use of Label, and for the Publisher and Manufacturer label types?

Is there an effort underway to add descriptions of these to the documentation? Or should I just dive in and add something to the corresponding Wiki pages? Sorry, I’m not very plugged in to what is happening with documentation these days.


The closest we have to documentation for publishers is the documentation page for the associated Label-Work relationship. It doesn’t go into very much detail as to what constitutes a work publisher or how to use it. I agree some documentation is needed.
The Manufacturer type is relatively new; it was only introduced two years ago. It’s most likely no one has gotten around to updating the documentation to include it.

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