Do I have to hit the SAVE button after scanning music in Picard?

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I know this sounds like a dumb question, but do I have to keep hitting the “save” button to save my files?

I add a bunch of music, it adds it, but it seems like I have to hit “save” for it to save and move the files. It’s kind of a pain because the darn thing crashes because I’ve overloaded it.


Yes, you need to hit Save explicitly. There is no autosave mode since you should really check the results instead of blindly saving.

On a side note you probably want to use the lookup button instead of scan most of the time for better results. Rule of thumb: Use cluster and lookup first and try scan for the difficult cases. Also work in smaller badges, that makes it easier to handle and ultimately faster to work through your collection.

Regarding the overloading and crash: Are you sure Picard crashes? While saving the UI often hangs a bit.


That’s a clever advice, in tagging approach ! I never realised that. :clap::smiley_cat:

I’ve always used the Scan button because I have always merely used Picard as a PUID/AcoustID submission tool (unfortunately, though, I have to rip for that so I tend to submit fewer stuff nowadays, no time to rip).

Besides that, the Scan button can also be useful if you have a 02 - Track 02.wav file and you don’t know what it is. Sometimes, if someone has submitted its fingerprint, you could find the artist and work name. Such a cool stuff ! It happened to me once or twice or more, and I was so grateful. :cat2:
This is why, even if I submit them less and less because of necessary ripping, I still do it for stuff I really like in music, so to people could find those I recommend, at least. Strange behaviour, isn’t it ? :kissing_cat: