Do Folksonomy Tags ever expire or get deleted?

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In relation to my discovery of the nightmare chasm that is the Various Artists tags, do Folksonomy Tags ever get removed?
They can be downvoted and not displayed, but do they just stick around forever?

I can’t find much info on it in the wiki docs which I expect is because it hasn’t been updated in a while (there’s no mention of voting for example). I would hope that a heavily downvoted tag would be removed from the associated entity at some point and perma-banned in some fashion.

The childishness I’m seeing in the VA tags is just depressing, :frowning:

The nature of folksonomy tags includes that there are no completely wrong tags. Downvoted tags being hidden reflects a consensus, but there is always the option the user who made the tags wants to use them personally (by e.g. filtering to only your personal tags).


It would mean that you could get your own tags deleted by morons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No thanks.

Maybe tags are removed from Deleted Editors, though, that would be good, or not, who knows, not me.