Display 'Performs as a member of' on artist page?

On artist pages, we list other projects they release (individually) automatically above their Wikipedia as ‘Also performs as’:

Would it make sense to add a third line for ‘Performs as a member of’ for those credits?

Maybe Madlib wasn’t the best example (too prolific), I was thinking J Dilla at the time- it would be nice to show Jaylib under Jay Dee:

A quick search didn’t come up with anything. Wondering if this has been proposed previously.


Conversely, a “members” section on the main band page would be nice, although I realize for some bands it could get overwhelming. Maybe a cut-off limit and a link to the relationships page?


100% yes please, lots that can be done/expanded with the artist page!

Can make it a drop down ‘display more’ section just like annotations/wiki intros too, so it’s not overwhelming.