Discourse app not letting me login after moving to new phone

I have had the Discourse app on my phone and have just switched to a new phone. The app did not transfer any of my Dicourse forums during the migration, so I had to enter them all again and sign into them. It was a minor inconvenience, and all but the MetaBrainz Community are back online in the Android app.

Attempts to sign in to the MetaBrainz Community via the Discourse Android app start out as expected with a redirect to the MusicBrainz login, Once that successfully completes, I wind up at an error page indicating that I don’t have a sufficient trust level to use the API. Even though I have already been through them on practically every Discourse forum I use, I completed both of the Discourse tutorials today in the hopes that @discobot might give me the boost needed to reach the required threshold, but it made no difference.

Is there anything that can be done to get me signed in to this forum using the Discourse app?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Sorry to unnecessarily tag you like that, dear bot. I just like your smiling face.

I did find a thread on the Discourse forums where iOS Discourse app users encountered the same issue, but that doesn’t really help since I don’t admin this forum.

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It was helpful for me to figure out where and what to change though, so thank you. :slight_smile: I’ve set min trust level for user api key to 0, so you should be able to log in now. Let me know how it goes!


Thank you, @Freso. I am able to access the MetaBrainz Community from the Discourse mobile app once again.

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