DiscID search?

I don’t seem to be able to see all the DiscID entries when I search the edits for a release, in this case I’m looking for the edit that added VlaHyf3FIgp4N_5hPh3BIu0KsPE- (Elvis Costello, Spike release). Is there something I’m missing. I want to who/when that DiscID was added.

You can use the direct URL like this:
or you use the menu
Search → Search Entities → Disc ID (the last text search field).

Maybe this one?

anyone know if there’s a userscript to add all the tag and other lookups to the main search dropdown?

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I get that. I’m trying to search the “edits” to the releases with that DiscID. I want to find the edit (details, author) that added that discID.

You can search for add disc ID edits on the affected releases, e.g.


EDIT: For some reason there are no add disc ID edits for this specific disc ID. I assume this is from the very early times of MB when data got seeded from CDDB.


Thanks. That’s it, I had missed the “Type” condition on the search and was confused on the search of all edits on the release with the missing DiscID’s. They really are missing, not a search issue.

This is a great idea.
Please start a thread to get the idea some exposure.

Do you ask to add this fields?