Disambiguation for Artist relationships?

I usually add anime and game related stuff to MB and I try to always add the relationship “voiced by” when I add a new character to the database. Normally one person voices a character throughout the years and no disambiguation is needed. Often, the relationship is ended because the cast is changed for whatever reason.
But what if a same character was voiced by two different people during the same period of time? (EG. one person voices the game version while other voices the anime version) as in this example.

Sure, one artist started after the other but then the period overlaps, and there’s music released for both products, giving credits to both the character and the voice actor.
And I doubt this issue is limited to the “voiced by” relationship, I can easily imagine this happening for groups or other type of artists too.

I think that the current option of only differentiating artist relationships by time period is somewhat lacking and we could use some small disambiguation field.

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I see no problem with the overlap with dates, but I like your idea of having a comment field by the dates so you can say something like (game version character) (anime character), etc.


Something like this?

Something similar, yes.
I was thinking something like that N-point relationship for an Artist-Artist level, but would that leave space for that disambiguation or comment space I mentioned?