Disambiguation field won't accept any input?

As seen on the screenshot below, i am not able to add this artist because of an error given to one of the fields. I don’t know why, i think it might be a bug. Can someone help/add the artist themselves?

The artist in question:

I am not sure, but I think you must fill the “Sort name” field.


What @Alan_New says - you need a sort name. Maybe there is a ticket somewhere to make this more obvious as that box should really light up red to give a hint.

There’s definitely an issue here. It isn’t the Sort name field at fault, though. I just looked at the “Add Artist” workflow and see the same thing. I entered the name of an existing artist and a Sort Name, which revealed the ‘Possible Duplicate’ text. The Disambiguation field is red, and the “Required field” text is below it, even after text is added to the Disambiguation field.

Even if it were related to the Sort Name field, the red text should be adjacent to that field.

I’m not actually adding a new artist, so I don’t know if this erroneous error state is going to prevent me from actually creating the artist. The OP sounds as if it will.

There’s a second issue here, but it’s just a visual one - the “required” red stuff doesn’t go away when the requisites are fulfilled, because this is old and crappy code. It should still submit fine once the sort name is there.