Disambiguation \ ETI in track lists - why is it hidden from everyone without magic voodoo scripts?

There is not really much to discuss… If there is a data display disparity between logged in and logged out users, that should be filed as a bug in the ticket tracker.

If Ivan or anyone else has a feature request for improving the UI without userscripts, they should file a feature request ticket in the ticket tracker.

Either way, there is not really much to discuss here on the forum. I have seen nothing controversial here. The obvious and logical next step is a ticket to make sure that developers can pick it up from here.


For what it’s worth: these are disambiguations for the recordings, not the tracks, and that’s why they’re not shown by all the tracks. I’m not sure I’d call it a bug, for that reason. That said, we might decide we want to change it so that those are shown somewhere (same as we show recording artists when relevant now). We’d just need to find a way to make it clear that those are recording-related, so that people who don’t even understand recordings yet don’t get confused that they’re not editable in the release editor.

Re: differences between logged-in and not-logged-in release view, I think the only one right now is the recording artists only show when logged in. That’s specifically because @yvanzo worried that non-logged-in users would be confused by them because they’re unlikely to even understand what a recording is in the first place and how it differs from a track (which seems like a reasonable concern to me, because I keep seeing even people who have been editing for a few months still not understand the difference between recordings and tracks).


The extra mile of posts was me trying to work out what you were asking. Really was getting more than confused by your question. As you can see by the direction of my replies trying to work out your question.

Well done in finding ticket MBS-9538. At only three years old that is almost a fresh idea. :joy:

The weirdest thing to come out of this thread for me is why the ETI destroyers keep saying “it is in the disambiguration” or “move it to disambiguration”. If so few people actually have that disambiguration visible it makes their edits even more bizarre!

Sorry about that logged in vs not logged in confusion. Again real surprise at this not being visible. I’ve edited the title again now to get a bit closer to reality.

Again I apologise for not being able to join the bug tracking system. Personal reasons mean I have to stay away from trying to track tickets. It would get too depressing to me to watch ideas just disappear down a black hole. I also know how many hours I would burn in there (I burn too many hours on MB as it is). I really don’t have the time to learn another language and ticketing system. I came to MB to join a community to work on music as a relaxation away from my IT job.