Digital release label + catalog number confusion

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I am a little confused regarding digital releases and when/if a label and catalog number should be added.
This particular digital release has the label and catalog number added. I own this release so I know it comes with artwork that does list the label and catalog number. Also this info is available on it’s bandcamp page.

Then there is this release by the same artist which does not have either the label or catalog number listed. Once again this release comes with a digital booklet that lists this information and it is also on it’s bandcamp page.

My question is for these digital releases above what is the proper way to handle them? Add the label and catalog number or leave them off?


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We cannot take the first release bandcamp page to assign the catalogue number as that page is just describing an LP + 7 inch physical release (sunn130).
So, unless the OHP or an online store shows a catalogue number, that digital release should not have any, IMO.

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I come across this a lot, and a lot of people have different approaches.
Personally if the Bandcamp page has a catalogue number in it, I put in a label and CAT no.
If it doesn’t I don’t.
If there’s two pages (eg a label page and a band page), I will add one as the ‘label’ release and one as ‘[no label]’. You can click on ‘feed for this album’ at the bottom of the BC page to find the ‘real’ digital release dates for that version!

As jesus2099 says though, in this case the cat no looks like it’s describing the 7 inch.
So for this I would look at their other digital releases, if most don’t have a cat no. then I’m guessing this one doesn’t either. If they tend to, I would assume the 7 inch cat no also applies to the digital version.

Thanks you both.

My gut feeling was to not have both the label and catalog number listed. Sunn O)))'s various digital releases had either approach used.
Since this bandcamp page is for the band, then I would say all of digital releases the refer to this bandcamp shouldn’t have either the label or catalog number listed. If the bandcamp page is for a label, then the label should be added.