"Digital" release group secondary type?

So a while ago yama released “Major 2nd Single「Oz. / 世界は美しいはずなんだ / スモーキーヒロイン」”, but as you see on our MB page for yama, there’s a bunch of other singles, making “Oz. / …” not the 2nd one

If we look at wikipedia page for yama, there is a separation between 配信シングル streaming singles(?) and CDシングル CD singles. Or for a more famous artist, see yoasobi, where most of the singles on our MB artist page are only streaming singles, as seen on wikipedia. I think it’d be nice if we can have this separation too.

But the term that I see more often is “digital single”, seen on wikipedia page for ado for example. And “digital” is more general and apt term to use for release group secondary type I think. However google returns more result for 配信シングル (74 million) vs デジタルシングル (31 million).

There had been a lot of discussions on digital releases, but preliminary search didn’t return any meaningful results for “digital single”, hopefully I didn’t miss any previous discussions.

Digital Media is already a medium type, like is in the below release group:




Or it would be nice that, if a release group only contains digital release(s), it has a special mark.
This way I could hide it with my script.

It’s better to make this kind of things and automatic display thing (like computed recording length), than some attribute that could become wrong m incorrect once a physical release is added.