Digital release: Album artist just mentioned in metadata and not on tracks/site?

I am going to add this one to the database:

The “Main Artist” and only artist according to the web-page is SvartePetter, but when I look at the .flac metadata (I have downloaded the album) I see “SvartePetter” as the only track-artist for every track, and “SvartePetter, Bøbben” as Album artist.
How should I submit this to MusicBrainz?

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This is the artist page for SvartePetter.

According to this SoundCloud page, it could be, that Bøbben is a featured artist?

I don’t know if this Bobben Hagerup is the same person or if you have to add a new artist “Bøbben” first.

I guess it is the same problem.
But even if “Bøbben” is an artist on at least one of the tracks, he is not credited for that in this release.
He is on the web-page not credited at all, and in the metadata credited as album artist, but not as part of any tracks.

And I think it is what the release is giving credit for is what’s count on MusicBrainz and not who in fact are behind the track or album?

Looking at Artist Credits - MusicBrainz it says " 1. Is the compilation credited to one artist on the cover art- if yes then credit that artist at the release level, if no go to #2", in that case “Svartepetter” is the correct release artist, however, this is not a compilation as far as a know.

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looking at SvartePetter’s SoundCloud, I found the full SoundCloud release. it looks like Bøbben is a featured artist on all 5 tracks. Bøbben is not credited on the release level here either, so I’d do the same in the MusicBrainz database.

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The image you show is the Windows built in “Details” tab. And it is oddly labelled and their “Properties” are all shuffled and confused. It is not actually showing the real Album Artist tag at all.

Compare it to something sensible like Picard or MP3TAG and you’ll see a more correct “per track” credit.

I’ve just tagged something with Picard, and “Contributing artists” is now showing the “Artist” (track artist) and “Album artist” is showing one of the “Performer” credits…

Something a little messed up with how Microsoft is naming those items.


So that shows Bobben only in a Performer credit in your FLAC tags.

In your example I would be tempted to follow Sound Cloud and tag Release as “SvartPetter”, and tracks as “SvartPetter feat Bobben” as Sound Cloud is likely to have more artist control than Qobuz.


Looks like Mp3tag agree with windows this time:

Some findings:

I added the release with Svartepetter as release artist, but Bøbben as “feat” for the tracks.


I assume, these are 2 typos if you call “Bjørn Tore Bjørnsen” “Pøbben” with a leading “P” instead of “B” here in this topic?

For the release you write the featured artist Bøbben with the correct B.

typo in my last post, corrected.
Bøbben is the correct way of spelling it.

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