Difficult Adding of Disc ID to Various Artists Release

I’ve just got a CD I want to tag, picard lookup doesn’t recognise it so I was working up to adding it into the database, when part way through I spotted it’s already in there, but it’s credited to Various Artists.
The CD is a sampler: “Tigermoth Records Presents (Featuring Robert Reed)” and its release is here

If I go through the normal Picard+CD->Lookup->Submit Disc ID route and select Various Artists (the generic category, not the bands!) then it gives me 195 pages of results (not obviously sorted) to choose from, and it’s not on the first page. I haven’t got time to click through that lot.

I thought maybe I could edit the release record and add the disc ID manually, but that page doesn’t seem to have any data entry/edit possibilities at all, just a link to the “How to Add Disc IDs.” - Which describes how to get back the the 195-page problem, and stuff about moving/changing disc ids, but that only seems to be relevant to releases that already have a discid attached. I.e it might work for me if an incorrect id were already attached, but not when there’s no id at all attached to start with.

Is there an official way to do this that I haven’t spotted?

(I’m currently toying with the idea of just changing the existing record’s artist from various to “Robert Reed” as a workaround, which might not be a bad idea in its own right as he appears on all the tracks, just in multiple different guises/partnerships etc…)

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When you do the Disc Lookup from Picard, look at the “Search by Release” box on the page. Look at that link you have https://musicbrainz.org/release/6bd3b36b-eb60-4460-815d-6987f05b3b30

Grab the long number and paste that in the “Release title or MBID” box



Or you could have just typed “tigermoth records” in the Search by Release and it would have given a shorter list.

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Ah yes, put the MBID in there too!
I’d kind of ruled that box out 'cause it didn’t work for me first time. Which is strange…

Okay - I see my original problem. I got the sampler in a bundle order for Tiger Moth Tales’ new album. Tiger Moth Tales - the band - was actually nothing to do with Tigermoth Records originally. As far as I know they independently came up with the name (probably both Steve Hackett-inspired.) But one spells tigermoth as one word, and the other as two. In my original search here I’d conflated the two and tried “Tiger Moth Records Presents” and that returned “No results found.”

Anyway, all sorted now. Thanks for your help.


You can also paste the full release URL as is, no need to isolate the MBID.