Different track or mislabeled?

Here’s a puzzle that i haven’t solved yet:

There are two releases here, but they have different track 7s, Love Machine and Let Your Love Flow. In fact, Let Your Love Flow is the reason I added the 1996 version, because that’s what I have. (The discogs item I used was even attached to the other release, so something was amiss there.) In both cases track 7 is the same length, which made me think it had probably been named incorrectly at some point. But I checked the acoustids attached to Love Machine and if it was incorrect it’s been replicated many, many times with these two acoustids. My acoustid is different.

Y’all got any ideas what’s happening here? Just a coincidence that these are exactly the same length? They needed to switch the track and the new one fit?

Update: even the freedb entry used to create the 2004 release matches the 1996 release I just added.

I think it might just be a coincidence. The recording of “Let Your Love Flow” is connected to tracks that range from 2:46 to 2:52 and there are several recordings of “Love Machine” in the same range. I wouldn’t be surprised if both were radio edits.


That makes sense to me. That would mean that the track was changed at some point (due to licensing or something?). So then did the publisher just not bother changing the barcode, or is that wrong, I wonder?

As it is a compilation CD maybe the re-release had a change in the copyright and they swapped the one track out? I’ve seen things like that happen elsewhere - releases that look identical but then you find a subtle track order shuffle in the later releases.

The discIDs \ AcoustIDs can get a bit confused as not everyone who adds data to MB pays attention properly. Especially if they are just tagging lots of tracks.

Do also notice that the freedb import you point at also has extra comments added which shows that someone was double checking that “other” running order.

There’s an ebay listing for a version with “Love Machine” listed on the cover and a 2004 copyright date.

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It seems curious that the version of “Let Your Love Flow” linked here (and on a whole bunch of other releases) is labeled as a “1991 re-recording”. I guess it was rerecorded for a “best of” compilation that year, but I’d expect collections like “Rock On 1976” to include the 1976 version. On the other hand, I can’t find any evidence of a 2:50 edit of the original among the many single releases listed at discogs. Tagging @EvilHansMoser who added that annotation in case they can shed more light.

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Yeah, it is funny. But I have both, I can verify that it’s a different recording. I guess they didn’t care about the exact version so much.

Just to further muddy the waters, there appears to be a live version (about 2:20) of “Let Your Love Flow” that’s also appeared on several compilations. At least one of its acoustids seems to be incorrectly linked to the 1991 rerecording.