Different lengths of a recording on releases

Just a quick question:
Sometimes a recording found in multiple releases(groups) have small difference in lengths.
What causes this? For 1-Second difference, i assume this is created in the cd producing process, or in process of ripping due the vast amount of cd drive setups.
But what what creates difference up 5 Seconds?

It could be a repressing with more silence/gap.

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Yes, especially on compilations / best off it is not uncommon that silence at end of tracks gets shortened, or for live recordings applause gets cut.

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I’m asking because i fiddling around with synchroniced lyrics.

If anyone know, just from your expierience:
It is common that additional silence is added at the start and thereby shifting the actual music content backwards?

Yes, especially for hidden tracks. I’ve had a 25-minute silence on a release before a hidden track but I’m sure there are others with longer silence.

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The most common with added silence, is rather at the end of the last main track, before bonus tracks.

It’s rare that silence is added at the beginning of a track, because it would be rather strange when you skip to this track.

As @Jeluang says, silence can also be added in the middle of a track, to separate the credited track (then silence then) and the secret recording at the end of the track.