Different behavior during Submit ID - CD stub found

This happened during the Submit ID of The Climax Blues Band’s album “Plays On”.

The system itself completed the phrase in the Release title or MBID field.

Now I won’t do it again because Submit ID shows my Disc ID.


You just added this disc ID (TOC) to the release - before that there was no matching disc ID for a release, only for a CD stub. Therefore you could have used it for a new release or you could have searched for a matching release with the title pre-filled.

Afterwards there was a matching release with your disc ID.


The thing is that the system never showed “CD stub found” and titles written in capital letters in this section.

… is only displayed if there is one found and no release. In most cases you will not have it displayed.
The capital letters for titles is how it was stored (I don’t think it’s always like that, but I haven’t seen many CD stubs myself)

I believe CD stubs are just something ancient that is not used anymore. They were submitted to a different not MusicBrainz system and were initially used to fill some of the DiscIDs in the pre-NGS days. What I have noticed is they are very random hit and miss as to how accurate they were.

The fact you are seeing ALL CAPS track names is more from bad old data from a different source.

Best off just ignoring them and submitting real DiscIDs.

Found something in the wiki, dates from 2008 according to the wiki history.

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…but CD stubs can still be useful if you have track 1 to track n, because your CD’s subchannel contains no information and there is (of course) no release with a matching disc ID.

Maybe they are. I don’t know. Just not really clear which release they are attached to when they are submitted anonymously. My only real experience of them is in pre-NGS histories where they have been pretty wildly out. (i.e. CD-R homebrews) I just grew to not trust them. Maybe unfair of me. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use it as a starting point, but you will have to check and correct details.

One more CD Stub example.

Pay attention to the order of the tabs in the yellow rectangle in the screenshots.


looks like the column headers are wrong. I would not have noticed that. You could disable scripts and check again.

[quote=“Echelon69, post:1, topic:698059, full:true”]

I don’t use any scripts.

Only Picard Lookup.

It looks like CD stub picked up an old version of the page (different HTML) from the server.

Incredible! :wink:

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I don’t think it’s about cached content. It’s quite possible, that headers were forgotten, when the table was changed. This view is rarely shown and I would not have noticed such a problem in all future. I would have been more focused on what’s being offered. :slight_smile:

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You can check the logs on the server. :wink:

I will provide all data.

No, I can’t, but you could write a ticket.