Different artists with same name?

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I’m about to add a video game soundtrack to Musicbrainz. I’ve started by cheking if the musician was referenced and I’ve found one with his name but it isn’t the same person. Second issue, there’s one album referenced with the existing one that is from the one I want to add.

I’m a bit confused as how to handle this.

The artist currently in the base is Gavin Harrison (https://musicbrainz.org/artist/60ac8ed5-bff9-41ed-bc5e-b889fd5cbd1d) and is part of The Porcupine Tree band.

The one I’d need to add has a website (http://gavinharrisonsounds.com/) and he seems to do only soundtrack music (video games, TV and films). His Google+ page says that he’s not the one from The Porcupine Tree band (i.e. the one in the MB database). He’s also the author of the Gunslug soundtrack (https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/64cc1b22-3006-4b8f-928b-2b1f07900f68) which is wrongly associated with the person already in the MB database.

So, what do I do? Do I simply add a new artist in MB with the same name? Do I have to use a different name (like “Gavin Harrison (soundtrack artist)”)?


when you create/edit an artist, there is a space for Disambiguation. This is where you add the “extra” stuff.
So, you would put Soundtrack Artist in that space. And you can put Porcupine Tree in the other.


Ok, thanks, I’ll check this.


And you can edit the existing album to change its artist, when you’ve added it :slight_smile: