Developing a Cheatsheet for "Add release"

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Does there already exist something suitably condensed that a new user can print off and have alongside when working their way through the “Add release” module?

If yes, where?

I’ve begun.
So far recognised:
Different sheets for classical/nonclassical and for EN/DE/FR/GR etc.

(I have no wish to unnecessarily duplicate.)


I don’t think we have anything other than the How-To which isn’t exactly condensed.


Here is a trial cheatsheet for:
Add Release: Release Information section of NON-Classic/Theatre/Audiobook, English language releases.

AddRelease: Release Information: Cheatsheet V4


I suggest using it alongside:

Testers, comments and error reports welcomed.
Specifics on issues requested.


Here is the updated 4 pages Cheatsheet link:

Does not include details on:
Release Group Type

Add New Label


Relationships: Add relationship (for Add Artist or Add Label)

There is a link to a lovely video walking you through the steps of Add Release