Deleting really old empty, non-indexed recordings

Hello everyone!

There’s a couple really old recordings (added circa 2004) in Grateful Dead’s long, long list of recordings that seem to have been used as the entirety of one medium in place of indexed tracks. For example, (Recording “1966-10-01: Kool Aid Acid Test” by Grateful Dead - MusicBrainz) and (Recording “1968-08-21: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA (Set 1)” by Grateful Dead - MusicBrainz).

I can’t see these recordings being used in any real way today, so I’m wondering how everyone feels about deleting these recordings?
Obviously a small dent in the sea of Grateful Dead recordings :sweat_smile: but every little bit helps


Frankly you can totally delete, IMO.


The only reason they have not auto-deleted is due to attached links… and those links are to acoustIDs. One AcoustID points to an Eric Clapton track. The other points to a Nine Inch Nails track.

And the edit history shows even less… just some adds from 2004. (Edit history is often useful on orphans)

Yeah - I think you are pretty safe with deleting those. Another vote on the Burn 'Em. :fire: :fire:


Those are NATs which are not automatically deleted

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And non-album tracks (NAT) is the pre-NGS name (there was no recordings, then) for stand-alone recordings (SAR). :crazy_face::wink:

If it is a SAR then it fails that guideline have an edit note or some kinda description with it.

But looking a the recordings page and someone has added quite a few of these. So may be better to just remove the duff acoustIDs.

Notice (Set 2) of the Fillmore gig is also listed: Recording “1968-08-21: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA (Set 2)” by Grateful Dead - MusicBrainz

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Thanks everyone, that’s what I thought but I just had to make sure. I just put the remove edits in for the 14 recordings in question :slight_smile:

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