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Thanks for amazing software

Apologies for delay on this - been waiting for a new batch of music to follow up

I’ve migrated this thread here from the old forum ( ), because I don’t appear to be able to login there now and I may want to be able to follow this up at a later date

It also acts as a point of interest to discuss this duplicate file topic (it’s obviously still an issue for some people How can I remove all of my duplicate music )

As per your instruction ( ), I’ve created a JIRA account and submitted a feature request

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How can I remove all of my duplicate music

I don’t yet really understand your suggestion. Do you want the metadata comparison at the bottom to also display the technical details about the file like bitrate? Not quite sure that makes sense, because unlike the metadata these values don’t have an “original value” and a “new value”, it is just the file data.


Thanks for reply - is this clear?

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Yeah, that screen makes it clear. I have closed your issue though, we already have this feature request in . Long standing feature request nobody has implemented so far :frowning:


~ How can I remove all of my duplicate music


Great, I’ll let do the work

If anyone else would also like to see this feature I would encourage them to +1 this issue