Delete Artist: Rodrigo Martínez: How?

Warning: Leg pulling in progress. What follows is a presentation of facts and opinions in a manner designed to mislead the unwarry reader.

This artist Rodrigo Martínez has to go.
It’s not that he thinks his geese are oxen that makes him unsuitable for Musicbrainz, indeed Rodrigo Martínez would be an asset to those in powerful places, and beside I am all for inclusivity, and I don’t hold his whistling against him either.

It’s that I don’t really think that Rodrigo Martínez is actually worthy of being called a song-writer/composer.

Even the terms “doggerel” and “swill” can’t be applied to Rodrigo Martínez’s Works.

How do we get rid of him?

For more about this fellow read:
The difficult bit is translated poorly here.

You can even listen to Rodrigo Martínez here.

Well, you’ve convinced me, Rodrigo Martínez (whoever that is) is officially a delete artist. I’m not sure how one plays the delete, though, as I’m not brave enough to click the YouTube link to find out. :wink:

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Artists are automatically removed after some time if they don’t have any releases, tracks, recordings or relationships.

In this case it looks like the artist has only one track (this one), which should probably be credited to [anonymous] (like here). If you have this release, a scan of the back cover would be helpful. There is one on Discogs but the resolution is very low.

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I’ve edited to strip this pretender of his sole claim to legitimacy.

His only hope is that Musicbrainz will quickly, like Wikipedia, recognise characters from fiction as worthy of representation in the database.

But I see nothing suggesting that horrid prospect and confidently predict the immanent eradication of this trumped-up goose-herder/composer.

Early Music really is a specialist field and you shouldn’t feel any shame around not knowing all the instruments.
I have made my own Delete from cat-gut, goat skin and reindeer antlers. The original renaissance instrument of course had wolf-gut strings, mountain sheep skin resonator and whale baleen struts. But I, like many central re-creators of Early Music, reject the idea of slavishly following performance and luthieran traditions unless they make sense to the Modern Mind.

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