Delete a Release and Its Group?

Can’t quite figure out to delete but this album and release do not exist at all. Release group “1994” by Bill Haley and His Comets - MusicBrainz

Neither do the other two below this one with no album art

First, to answer your question, click “Remove” from the sidebar. The remove edit will then be put to vote, and once it has passed, the release group, if empty and without any internal or external links, will be removed automatically.

However, what makes you think it’s not a valid release? Every release has an editing history (also accessible from the sidebar). This one’s is at Edits for 1994 - MusicBrainz which actually looks pretty decent. A single editor throughout, adding a release “from his archive” (“In meinem Archiv”), adding cat# (and correcting it) + barcode.

Having said that, there’s still a couple of issues with it.

1.The title should probably be “Rock 'n Roll Around the Clock”, not 1994 (which is the release date); possible sub-title “14 Greatest Hits”, since the lone title is pretty generic
2. The packaging is almost certainly not a “Box” (which is almost exclusively used for multi-disc releases)
3. It’s almost certainly a compilation, i.e. album + compilation should be the release group type
4. If one prefers, album artist and track artist can be credited differently as “Bill Haley and The Comets”.
5. and finally the tiny elephant in the room: the barcode is not unique, which is to say a Google search for 782124962029 gives results for a Troy Newman release. This does sometimes happen even with official releases, but we might be dealing with a bootleg/unofficial release here and the barcode was printed to make it look more official.

Last but not least, you can simply ask the original editor at if he can provide (even) more info on this release.

EDIT: Okay, it seems to be a version of (which is probably official, see also, so at least merging the release groups is appropriate here, as the tracklists are identical.