"Deicide - Kill the Christian" track not showing up in search?

I’m likely just missing something obvious, but when I search for Recording “Kill the Christian” by Deicide - MusicBrainz it’s not showing up in search. Is there something special about it?


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I wonder if it’s a matter of search constraint? Right next to the search field, there’s a dropdown that defaults to “Artist”. I switched it to “Recording” and can see the track listed.

this is something odd going on.

First time I do a recording search for “Kill the Christian” I get your same results @Moebeus.

flipped search around a bit, then suddenly I got the results @rhetticent got.

Swapped browsers to take a screenshot - now I can’t get Deicide appearing at all…


edit: weirder… swap to Direct Database Search and this is the result


Interesting! One thing that sticks out to me is a variance between “Last updated” fields. @Moebeus’ shows a differing date/time (date might be just GMT vs CST), but the minutes are different (00:03 vs 17:19). Perhaps search is pulling from a different index between searches?


For your time time theory, I am on UTC. So a third time zone…

And now whatever I try it is working correctly. Looks like a database out of sync for a while… I am now getting 8,072,040 results…

Edit: And borked again - but only 3,552,575 results. Some times it is missing half the search

I’m UTC+1, but this is not a super recent addition (I don’t think), so seems weird if time zones would affect the results?