Defunct FreeDB bot imported generic releases

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I own quite a few cds that are not in the database, though the release has previously been imported by the now defunct FreeDB bot. The releases seem to be track listing only. No info from an actual release. No discID info. No country. No label info. No format type. Also nobody has added it to their collection.

Release “Jim Beam Pub Jukebox Classics” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz

My questions are…
Do I claim it as my own and try to update and fill in the missing info?
Or do I leave it as is and create another release? Secondly, Then do I delete the existing release?

The tracks in this release have been merged and edited many times over. Seemingly based on track names alone. So now may not even match the recordings that are on my copy of this release.


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For so bareboned releases yes. So it becomes something meaningful.



Most FreeDB imports should at least have discIDs, but yeah, for some reason these do not… I’d say in this case it’s sensible to just take over, given the lack of any other info (unless the linked Amazon looks different, I guess?)


If you think the tracks are different, you can correct that within the Release editor to point to the correct recording or add a fresh recording.

I’ve often taken over abandoned FreeDB imports. An example like you have is unlikely to have many variations so making it a real one is ideal, but you are right you may have a track or two that is a different recording. Though I expect it is full of common single edits. Often the mix and mash of VA collections is easily spotted.


Why? And how? FreeDB doesn’t contain enough information to generate a Disc ID. Most FreeDB bot imports will not have an attached Disc ID (from the import, anyway), though you will be able to find the CDDB/FreeDB id in the import edit (unless they’re ancient) and can use that to see if the CDDB/FreeDB id matches with what your Disc ID would have.

Example: Edit #79286072 - MusicBrainz (the “origin” edit was not a FreeDB bot one, but the ModBot edit note is the same as on those)

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Huh. I had always thought that was the whole point of freeDB imports. I guess the many ones with discids I’ve seen were added by editors later on, then :man_shrugging: