Deadlocked on how to enter between the remix

I’m at a deadlock on how to enter the works so the remix won’t change the original artists & publishers.
The songs are “too easy” and "too easy (remix). The remix has an additional artist and has fewer publishers. Right now, If I would change either work it would do the same to the other.

I used the BMI repertoire

ISWC T3074773169 (original)

ISWC T3091905674 (remix)

The only difference in the songs is the remix has an additional verse at the beginning of the song by an additional artist.

[original song](


Here’s the final part Drip Season 4 Ever (Album) by Gunna

If someone explains what needs to be done to correctly enter it on the “enter relationships” area of MBZ I would appreciate it.

I looked through the documentation and can’t make heads or tails.

Thanks in advance

In general, if the remix has new lyrics, then it’s a different MB Work from the original.


Thanks for your help. That makes adding this easier tomorrow

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