Database searches

Hi All, absolute newb.
I’ve had to use the browser look up function a fair bit to find slightly obscure versions of songs. Sometimes I get a tune which has had so many remixes its a nightmare trying to find the one I’m looking for.
Is there any way to sort results, say by length of track simply by clicking the top of the results? I’ve noticed it can be hard to identify the right tune when there’s a discrepancy of around 5 seconds in the song length between what my file reports and a listing in the database.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

You could try the “Advanced Query Syntax”.
For a recording named “something” that’s five minutes long, plus or minus one second, you’d search like this:
recording:something AND qdur:150

The duration query can be either in exact number of milliseconds… or in seconds divided by two. So, one minute is “qdur:30” and two minutes is “qdur:60”

Here’s a bunch of stuff: Indexed Search Syntax - MusicBrainz