Cyrillic/Latin script for digital media

I didn’t want to narco-bump the below so creating a new thread.

I was battling Picard to get this digital download to tag:

All artist names are in Cyrillic script, but the release is marked as US, and the files I purchased were in Latin script (poorly tagged, but no Cyrillic), as was the cover art (which is correct as pictured).

There is a sibling release in this group that uses Latin script, and that makes sense as it’s a physical UK release that wouldn’t have had Cyrillic in the liner notes.

I don’t want to allow Picard to overrun the names in Latin script, so for now I manually pasted the artist and album artist from the UK release (my songs remain subtly mistagged, like not having the accent aigu on scène.

Do we know that there was a (US) digital release that carried Cyrillic tags, or barring that, is there some style rule I am missing?

In case like this I woud’ve use ‘credited as’ for artists, it keeps the artists in original script but it dispays on the page in latin as per release.

For tagging I have a lot of artists in Cyrylic and use English aliases when tagging. I often add missing aliases.