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Hi, when viewing a band, if you have ticked options such as “Original”, “principal” etc. then vewing membership of the band can be a little complex, especially if there have been a large amount of members over the years - for example, look at Megadeth: Megadeth - Relationships - MusicBrainz

Would it not be a cool idea to add a subsection under the band for “Current Members” which filters that list and shows you, using the dates entered for each band member, who is currently set as being “in” the band as of today’s date?


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that does sound like a great idea, and it should work pretty well for current bands. may need to do some special handling for disbanded groups, since none of them should be “Present” members…

I did also find a related ticket which is similar, but not quite the same:

if you want to create your own feature request (or bugfixes and whatnot), you can create a ticket on Jira


That sounds like a good idea, but I honestly have no idea how well it would work within K-pop or J-pop (as it is my belief that there needs to be consistency across all genres/areas, not multiple rules) where there are hiatuses due to mental health, injuries, military enlistments, etc, that would create questions about ‘current member’ vs ‘member but on hiatus’ vs ‘left the group’ while the group itself keeps performing. You can see just a small instance of the tug of war that can occur with nuanced usage vs broad usage:

and as @UltimateRiff has pointed out, it would need special handling for disbanded groups, since no one is a ‘present’ member, but compilations albums or reissues can bring in new entries into MB, but the artists would not be credited correctly if they’re not listed as a ‘present’ member (at least that’s my understanding of what you’re meaning - if you’re simply meaning a brief sort on only the relationship page… then that could potentially cut down on some confusion, but again needs to have different handling for disbanded groups, as no one is a present member.)

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I wonder if it would be interesting/useful to be able to go to a group detail page, enter a date, and see a list of active members as of that date.