CUETools Database (CTDB) update?

Hi all, I’m trying to use CueRipper to rip a few CDs where I had added missing info like labels etc. but the CTDB doesn’t seem to want to update, I think I have to update the Disc ID on the release page for it, but I’m unsure if that will actually work or not, since I have to remove said ID as mine already links to a pre-exsisting one and I don’t really want to mess around with it since I don’t know what will happen. Anyone able to shed some light here for me?

The CD in question right now is Release “Modjo” by Modjo - MusicBrainz

I had added a few labels just over a week ago, but like I said CTDB doesn’t seem to want to update it.

What is your CTDB, exactly?

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Oh my bad, I meant CueTools Database

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I see you have edited the MusicBrainz (MB) release.
Are you sure MB data is then taken in CTDB?

I see no mention of MusicBrainz in their about page.

Known issue

Replicates MB hourly, normally


Thanks chaban, was unaware this was an issue, I guess I’ll just have to wait til the CueTools team fixes that.