Credits relative to discogs / artwork

Edit: Ack, nevermind. After all that, I was on the wrong Discogs page. Thought I’d loaded this one, but it was the 2009 version:ör-Kornet-Har-Sin-Vila/release/1355892

I’ll delete this if I can figure out how. Although I’m still confused by the discogs artwork that gives credits in Swedish when the artwork shows English.

I want to add the original release to this release group:

I found this:ör-Now-The-Green-Blade-Riseth-Kornet-Har-Sin-Vila/release/5619277

As you can see, it’s credited there to “Bengt Berg” and “Storkyrkans Kör”, but the the MB release is credited to “Stockholm Cathedral Choir” “Gustaf Sjökvist”.

Google Translate reveals that “Gustaf Sjökvist” is the conductor and “Bengt Berg” is the arranger. As soon as the server comes back on, I’ll merge the choir artist (Storkyrkans Kör also exists) and add the release.