Crediting instrumental leaders

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On a classical recording, how should one credit the ‘leader’ of a chamber ensemble or small orchestra? I’m not sure ‘conductor’ is right, but there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative. Or perhaps they should simply be credited as an instrumentalist, but then it would be nice to have an attribute signifying that they are the leader.

On this release, for example, Reinhard Goebel has been credited as ‘conductor’ on the first track but is not credited on any of the others. I’d like to make this consistent, but am not sure what is the best way.

Is this leader as in UK-word-for-concertmaster? As in first violin? In that case, just use concertmaster. For “director” credits and the like, I generally just use conductor (plus any relevant instruments).

also, when you select “violin” you can use the “credited as” to insert varieties like “first violin”.

Ah, ‘concertmaster’ – yes, that’s the one. Thank you.

I have a similar question but it is not Classical but Jazz performed at the “Kennedy Center for Performing Arts”. The Release is “Highlights from the Kennedy Center Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival”. In non-classical it is generally “recording/song - artist/performer” instead of “recording/work - composer/writer”, which I understand but sometimes causes confusion in how to enter some releases.

This live performance was to highlight women jazz artists who may or may not be composers. In the booklet the Woman artist is highlighted/bold and first in the list of attribution, with the other performers following. There are “works” for most of the pieces.

Since this reason for this performance was to highlight these women artists I feel they should be the “artist/performer” listed with the title and the rest of the performers attached to the “work”.

I am looking for guidance. I hope what I asked makes sense.

In non-classical it’s generally “who is credited” (which is usually the artist/performer, but from your description, in your specific release that is probably the specific women being highlighted) :slight_smile: