Crediting individual performers at a event

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I am not sure how to ask this, but here goes.
I have a local venue where regional groups play, only one group on any night. I have no setlists and no recordings. Sometimes the group will have a stand-in for a missing member or will have a new member. Is there a way to crediting all the performers for that event like you would for a individual release?

You can add, in the setlist, a line for the guest/replacement musician:

@ with guest [mbid|name] on keyboards

For example.

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What I was hoping for is a way to credit obscure artists for the things they have done and not just releases. The group name does not credit the individual artist and to use “guest” I have to know they were a guest at the time.

I would like to create a “portfolio” of these local/regional artists, the instruments they played over time. This helps track their music career, the groups they performed with or were in, and the region they performed in. All of this is very helpful in selecting the correct artist for crediting.

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I am going to go way out o a limb on this one.
First why can’t I assume that every performance has been recorded by someone or the venue, so that a recording of the event exists that only few can get (call them fantasy releases). I could create a release and attach the performers, their instruments, and vocals to it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I guess there is a way to attach a release to an event.

If you’re going to do this, why not just do it on the event? Add all of the performers, and also the individuals who stood in, and their instruments/vocals etc. You can add anything extra in the annotation just like with a release.

I don’t see why not, maybe like this:


Here was my initial attempt at a event but I have edits to remove the individual performers and leave just the group. Problem is that at least one of the performers will disappear unless I find a relationship to link him to.

I looked this over and there does not appear to be clean way of adding the individual performers to an event in a way that made sense. A release is out of the question because here is no release. On the other hand a “recording” of the entire performance may make sense and could credit the individual performers. It would not show under releases or overview but would appear in relationships and recordings for the individuals.

I had a similar situation for an event a few years ago :

I put a performer in as a “Guest Performer”, but there was no way (aside from an annotation or a setlist) to indicate that he was a guest performer in a set by a specific one of the main artists.

I think I would like to see the Musicbrainz schema updated to include a “set” entry, where an Event could have multiple Sets (with the possibility of a separate time attribute for each Set), and a Set would have one or more Performers.

Is this anything like what you’re thinking?

I don’t think creating any kind of fake entities, recordings or releases etc, is a good way to do this… you run the risk of losing your work later if something changes or someone ‘fixes’ them.

If they aren’t a regular member of the band, why not leave them on the event as a guest performer? That seems correct to me. Looks like bsammon did the same thing. Then they wont disappear. You can store who they played with/replaced into the setlist field.

This is very cool btw :slight_smile:

[Played instrument] in [band] from [date] to [date] for regular band members.
[Performed instrument] in [event] for guest members.

I thought this would store everything you need, or have I missed something that you’re trying to achieve, or display?