Credit Bach, Vivaldi, or both as artist?


That question should be easy to answer. Wanting to add this release to the database I am inclined to credit both. Is it the right thing to do, and if so, how do I go about it? If not, who is to be credited, the original composer or the one who transcribed the original work?

On a side note, I am puzzled about he absence of s barcode on my copy. I’m quite sure it is not bootlegged, and it does have a catologue number. Most Hyperion releases listed here do include barcodes, but a few specifically state that there isn’t one. My copy cannot have been released before 1988, and I think barcodes were routinely used by then. What is the background to that?


If the printed tracklist says “Vivaldi & Bach”, like the Hyperion website, I would enter it like that. says “If there is more than one composer involved on the track, try to find out how the work is usually credited.


I would normally add this as “Antonio Vivaldi / Johann Sebastian Bach” ("&" to me suggests they collaborated, which is not the case). But as long as both are there it’s probably enough! Actually, since this is Hyperion which I subscribe to, I’d probably have changed it to “Antonio Vivaldi / Johann Sebastian Bach” anyway if I hadn’t seen this question, heh. But @stupidname is basically our main Vivaldi editor, so I’m happy to defer to their choice!

I’m not sure about Hyperion, but a fair amount of old Chandos releases for example don’t have them. If it’s not there, it’s not there, nothing to worry about! :slight_smile: (I guess there’s a small chance they had barcodes on a sticker or something, but)


Thanks for your advice, @stupidname and @reosarevok.

Yes, the ampersand seems a little misleading.

I have taken the liberty of adding a new artist. For the purpose of this release (and a bunch of others) it seems to me mentioning two or more artists as composer in one breath, so to speak, is necessary and legitimate, and not merely in the case of transcriptions and orchestrations. I feel a bit uneasy seeing one of my favourite pieces credited to W. A. Mozart even though Franz Xaver Süßmayr composed the bulk of it, and that Tomaso Albinoni’s famous Adagio was mostly composed by Remo Giazotto. The latter ought to be credited in the same box as the former. I think that should be acknowledged on the release and not just under the rubric of works.

I expect that my approach will not be accepted, though, so I’ll just await instructions on how these things are to be handled in the traditional way, and I’ll then stick them instead.



rather than create a “collaboration artist”, you want to use artist credits. The short explanation is: two or more artist names can be used in the “artist” field.


I’ve made all the appropriate edits to that release (a few of which were admittedly fairly minor, like comma before catalog number and lowercase “no.” with a dot) including linking to both composers separately. I’ve also added the relationships and all that while I was there, because I’m terrible at not doing extra work :stuck_out_tongue:


As CallerNo6 said, you can use both artists pretty easily!
Here’s a gif showing you how:


Thanks for the link, @CallerNo6. The “>>” process does exactly what I had in mind without the need to amalgamate two individuals into one artist. And thanks for cleaning up after me, @reosarevok. I hope you nuked the kludge of a “new artist” I created while you were in editing mode.


It should disappear automatically in around 24 hours :slight_smile:


O man, :+1:that gif is excellent. I’d love to see that sort of thing integrated with the style guide and other documentation.