Creating works where JASRAC lists a company as composer as opposed to booklet

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Hello, I’m trying to add several albums from this franchise to the database.
There is one song, うまぴょい伝説 that appears in most singles, sung by different people every time. So I was trying to also add the work for it so I can list them as cover recordings. VGMDB lists it like this Cygames (Akihiro Honda) but when searching for it in the JASRAC website it only shows CYGAMES.
The booklet indeed shows it like VGMDB does but I was wondering if it was alright to add it differently than what JASRAC website shows. In that case I’d add the artist as Akihiro Honda but credited as Cygames (本田晃弘) which is what’s printed on the booklet.

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Link to the booklet doesn’t work without registering. In any case, Akihiro Honda is probably the artist and Cygames would be the publisher. In Japan, relationship between artists and publisher are often tighter than in the western world, they are often seen as sponsors.

Also, I’m not sure how their copyright law works exactly. According to European copyright law, the creator always has to be a person and cannot give away/sell that credit. According to US copyright law it’s possible to be a “ghost writer” and sell the credit for a work to someone else.


Oh I forgot about the registering thing for booklets, sorry, here it is.
The thing is the JASRAC site lists Bandai Namco Arts Division D as publisher too. I’m not sure about copyright laws over there either…

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Take your booklet credits.
As I already told here and there, royalty collectors like JASRAC just need to know who to send royalties to, which is slightly different.
But in many cases, JASRAC credits will be same as ours, except when a work feel in public domain, when artists wanted to credit the band and in cases like yours.


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Ohh, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. Indeed JASRAC purpose isn’t the same as MB and that could lead to these kind of differences. Since I’m still learning how to add works I figured I should ask.

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