Creating work for karaoke version of original track

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I received a comment from the editor that I should not create a new work for the karaoke (instrumental) version of the original track (recording). Instead, I have to link a karaoke recording with the original work.

In this guide Work - MusicBrainz it is said that

A work’s distinctiveness is based on the artists who contributed to its final output, and whether a work is derived from another original work. Examples of works that are distinct:

  • an instrumental work where an artist later adds lyrics

Based on this text, can we say that the karaoke recording is a separate work, because there is no lyrics in it and it is not a song (it does not have vocals)?

That is not usually done, but I cannot say if it’s allowed or not. Usually, on an instrumental version of a work, just select “instrumental” on the attributes work relationship.


If the original work is without lyrics and later lyrics were written, this is a new work with lyrics.

If there is a karaoke, it means the original works has lyrics, so you don’t create new work without lyrics, just a karaoke relationship.


Thanks for the explanation. In this case, is it necessary to make a recording-work relationship for the original work with the “instrumental” attribute? Or it will be enough to make a karaoke recording-recording relationship.

There’s a “karaoke” attribute specifically now :slight_smile: So link the work, and use that attribute.


Well. Then which is better to use:

  1. recording-recording relationship with the relationship type “karaoke version of”
  2. recording-work relationship with the the relationship type “recording of” and “karaoke” attribute
  3. both options (won’t it be superfluous?)
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They are not totally superfluous as they don’t always all apply.

  1. recording-recording karaoke relationship means that these are the same backing tracks
  2. recording-work karaoke relationship means the basic thing, that it’s a karaoke of that song

You could consider that if you have 1, no need for 2, somehow… :thinking:
But we wouldn’t see the karaoke recording in the work page…

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But on a karaoke (backing tracks only), don’t select instrumental, select karaoke, even if the version name is (misleadingly) instrumental.

An instrumental has the lead melodies played by some instruments, which is not the case for karaoke (most karaoke are credited as instrumentals, doh).


I thank all the participants of the discussion. I think I have figured out this issue and will continue to use the relationship correctly.

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