Creating an Artist Collaboration where there is no Release

I have read the method for attributing two artists, already created in the database, working together on an album or a song. I am having trouble creating an artist entry for a show I am trying to save to
The artists, Syd Straw and Peter Holsapple, played together and individually throughout the show. However, when there is no physical release to credit, creating this “Co-Headliner” collaboration is something I’ve searched for in the forum (and am probably just missing). I cannot enter the artist field on that site if it does not exist in this database.

Any and all help is appreciated; thank you.

J. Huston

And a similar question…
How would we set up, as example, Meat Loaf and Jim Steinem, or Elton John and Bernie Taupin,
but as an artist relationship.

Doing the album/work relationships is easy. But noting the long time collaborators as an AR escapes me.

We should not have an artist for a collaboration unless it is a very common collaboration with a long career to their name. In this case, it seems is just not properly written to allow things like this, but this is not a reason to add information to MusicBrainz that goes against our data storing system :slight_smile: If there’s no way to credit two headliners for a show, you should probably bring this up with!

I think you might want the supporting musician relationship, but I’m not sure :slight_smile: Take a look and let me know!

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I agree; it is your database, and their issue to deal with. I was not sure if MusicBrainz had any semi-formal relationship with them or not.

I will take your advice, thanks!

J. Huston

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Supporting artist doesn’t seem like a writer/singer relationship to me. And the other two options (vocal and instrument) are certainly not right.

But if you think that is correct, I will use it.

Oh. There’s nothing for work writers, no (I don’t know much about the actual relationship between these specific artists).