Creating alias or performing name

Hello, there is an electronic DJ called “Richard Wakley”. He also performed as “Filthy Rich”. nowadays he is often credited as “Rich Wakley”.

I added Rich Wakley as alias in the database as search hint. Hope this is correct what I did. Do I have to credit him also as performer?

This is it.

Hope I did everything right. Don’t want to mess up the database;)

thank you

First, let’s assume that filthy rich and filty rich can be merged and a “credited as” used to explain the spelling difference.

Beyond that, there are multiple ways to have multiple names.
You can, as you have already done, create multiple artist entries.
You can, as you have already done, list a name under the alias tab.
And you can, as I mentioned above, use one entry and use the “credited as” feature.

Thank you very much. On the album tracklist I create always “credited as” directly on the tracklist.