Creating a show series

Yes, it’s me again, this time with another bizarre question!

So, there’s a release series for the TV show Queendom (here) - and I’m thinking that it would probably be a good idea to either create or find a series for Kingdom: Legendary War and 미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕 (also known as King of Mask Singer, often abbreviated to 복면가왕(episode number) in iTunes/Spotify/YouTube).

Searching up Kingdom is a Legendary Mess™, especially since Mnet dropped the ball (or were blocked by Big3 shenanigans, or both) and didn’t release the majority of the songs performed (unlike what they’ve done and are doing for Queendom). Searching Kingdom will give you everything from the K-pop group (which debuted around the same time the show was airing, which makes everything fun and confusing) to gospel music and nothing for the show itself. Or at least that I could try and find without the database choking.

And since I’m super pedantic, I do want to add in all of the King of Mask Singer singles/releases that I have, which are released with the episode numbers. Right now, there are two (2) entries for King of Mask Singer, one that I literally just created. So how can I group those together to make other peoples’ lives easier when trying to add in other releases and recordings from the same show?

I guess this does tie into my previous post where I was questioning about what Mayfly/It’s One would be classed as, but this is more in the ‘how in the world do I start this creation of a series off??’ and either I’m looking at the wrong documentation/style guides, or it doesn’t exist because I cannot make heads or tails of it.

Thanks once again for your help!

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I don’t know offhand of any series like the one you’re describing, but yeah, a series might work~

series are pretty new, so I don’t think there’s much documentation on them yet, but I’ve made a collection of series I’ve worked on, which could be good examples~

Okay, taking My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - MusicBrainz as an example - at the bottom of the page, how did you get all of that to link to main series? Is everything grouped as a release group and you have to edit the entries to become part of that release group? I know that this is confusing because it’s a new feature, so my question is probably unclear as well. I’m just looking for a way to group all of these releases (different artists, different release dates, but under the same broadcast show) that all have individual works entries.

For example: Release group “Mask Singer 59th (Live Version)” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz and Release group “복면가왕 48회 (Live Version) (Mask Singer 48th (Live Version)” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz both of these show up in a ‘release group’ search as individual release groups, but they are both from the same show. How should I link them together for them to appear in a ‘subseries’ (if that’s the right category?) so that others are able to navigate through it without having to search for each individual entry is I think what I’m trying to ask.

at the top of the page, you can just go to Editing → Add Series, set the type to Release Group Series, and add the individual release groups.

you can also add it from the release Relationships Editor (the “Edit Relationships” tab on the release page) or editing a release group directly. if you do use the Relationships Editor, at the bottom of the page there’s a place for release relationships and release group relationships.

a subseries can be used if you’ve got say, several related series of different types or a couple distinct series within a series. for example, my K-ON! release group series has subseries for the two character image song series, an audio drama series, and a series of Yaroyo (albums with music score included). everything from the two anime seasons and one movie is directly in the main series. again, we as a community are still trying to figure out how best to use series, so this is by no means a standard way of doing it :wink:

actually, another way to link things in a not-so-structured way is with tags (aka folksonomy tags). you might have already found the hololive tag, as a good example, but you can add tags for literally anything.

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