Create new artist for band or alias to only member?

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Jonathan Young is releasing a new album.

On the first song of the album on Youtube he says:

Galactikraken is definitely a real band and NOT just Jonathan Young pretending to be several aliens from the future.

On Amazon the song is just released under “Galactikraken”.

On Amazon Music The songs are listed as “Galactikraken & Jonathan Young”

The second song on Youtube says: “Original Song by Jonathan Young & Ninja Brian” the Amazon links are the same.

I have two questions:

  1. Should Galactikraken be a new artist or just an Alias for Jonathan Young?
  2. What should the singles’/Album’s artist be: “Galactikraken”, “Jonathan Young” or “Jonathan Young & Galactikraken”

Does he have a website advertising this? “In his own words” is always a best reference.

Looking at the YouTube link he has setup new Twitter\Facebook\etc feeds using the name of Galactikraken. So he is choosing to promote is separately.

I would ignore Amazon Music. I’d create a new Band called “Galactikraken” and make Jonathan Young and Ninja Brian members of that band.

If the music is really different to their usual output that’s often a big tick for putting it under a new artist (e.g. an indication that they are aiming for some separation).